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The amazing land of Tuscany through my eyes

This region of Italy is fantastic, wavy fields, old houses, beautiful towns with ancient architecture, it all has a unique atmosphere. We left Poland where I live and covered over 8000km, but it was worth it.

My 20 pics of nocturnal Bangkok’s mysterious neon glow

During the July heat of the Buddhist Holiday, Asalha Puja, I landed in Bangkok on a journey to uncover the hidden nocturnal side of the Thai capital with my new photobook and series, Bangkok Phosphors.

I traveled to Myanmar to meet the local people and was amazed by their beauty

When I first landed in this country, I was not sure what to expect. I met only a couple of people that traveled here, and they all shared the same thoughts.

Photographer spends a day in flooded Venice to see how different it looks

When we think of Venice, we think of water. But have you ever thought that there could be too much water in the historic European city?

Hiking to the highest continuously inhabited settlements in Europe

I have always wanted to explore regions where Marco Polo visited during his fabled travels. So when the chance appeared I took it without thinking too much.

Short road trip to a well-kept secret of Greece – Mani

We have heard that the Mani Peninsula is home to the descendants of Dorians and Spartans. A place where you can still feel a little bit of the old world.