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About Us

Τhe story so far: our company, our values, our goals.

2017 May – Hoteleia is founded

The journey begins!

Our Main Goal

Hoteleia was founded in 2017 by a multinational group of hoteliers who were trying to find an alternative to the constantly-increasing fees of the major booking platforms.

Our goal is clear: providing a cost-friendly booking platform for the hotels, apartments and all other accommodation businesses in the tourism sector is our top priority. This way business owners can lower their costs while travelers can get the best deals around!

2017 Dec – Decision to go worldwide

Though we only covered Europe at first, the enthusiastic response we received and the increasing demand to further extend our services, convinced us to rise to the occasion. Soon enough, Hoteleia started to expand around the globe!

2018 Nov – Hoteleia keeps rising

Almost a year passed until we realized that this was now something bigger than us. Property owners from over 170 countries joined Hoteleia and thousands of travelers trusted us in order to find the ideal match for their needs.

2019 Sept – Time for a brand new Hoteleia

After more than two years of constant growth, the timing was perfect for us to level up our platform. Two new services – Hoteleia Articles & Hoteleia Academy- and a complete overhaul of our flagship website were planned. A challenging venture for sure, but one we committed ourselves to eagerly!

2020 May – It’s finally here!

Some crucial additions to our team brought the pieces together and our vision finally came to fruition; the brand new Hoteleia is launched and it takes us to a whole new level! Our dedication to satisfying the needs of our partners remains unwavering.