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Top 5 places to visit in Astypalaia, Greece

Astypalaia is a Greek island with just 1,334 permanent residents. It boasts a centuries-old history, whitewashed villages, and sun-drenched beaches.

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Astypalaia is a Greek island with 1,334 residents. The island of Astypalaia boasts a centuries-old history, whitewashed villages, and sun-drenched beaches. It belongs to the Dodecanese, an archipelago of twelve major islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea. Astypalaia, the westernmost island of the Group, is naturally separated into Mesa Nisi [the inner island] and Exo Nisi [the outer island] by a thin strip of land.

1. Chora


Chora is the island’s capital town and port. It is one of the most picturesque towns in the Aegean, perched on a rock that advances into the sea, forming two bays. On the top, you will see Chora’s castle towering over the town with the strikingly white domes of Evangelistria and Agios Georgios churches, visible over the walls. Around the castle lie Chora’s houses with whitewashed walls, blue doors and windows, and wooden balcony rails.

2. Livadia


Livadia is a seaside village with few residents, built in a fertile valley. There are citrus fruit groves, vineyards, and houses overflowing with flowers, creating a delightful setting next to a lovely beach.

3. Maltezana (Analipsi)


Maltezana is a seaside resort that attracts most of the island’s tourism. It has been named after the Maltese pirates who made their hideout on the island. This is where the French Admiral Bigot set his ship on fire in 1827 so that it may not be captured by the pirates.

4. Vathy


Vathy looks more like a lagoon due to its protected inlet (having an opening of about 50 m.). It comprises two small communities: Exo [outer] Vathy at the inlet entrance with a small wharf for mooring boats; and Mesa [inner] Vathy in the nook of the cove next to cropland, sparse tree vegetation, and vineyards.

5. Nearby islands

Syrna island near Astypalaia

From Maltezana cove take an excursion boat and visit Diaporia, Ligno, Chondro, Kounoupoi and Koutsomyri islands as well as Agia Kyriaki island and its beautiful beach. Farther away, visit Fokionisia; then Panormos and Katsagreli Pontikousa and Ofidousa and finally Syrna, Katsikoulia, Tria Nisia, Meso, Stefania, and Zafora isles.