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Top tourist attractions in Cómpeta, Spain

Cómpeta is a city and municipality in the comarca of Axarquía and the province of Malaga.

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Cómpeta is a city and municipality in the comarca of Axarquía and the province of Malaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. The municipality is about 18 kilometers from the coast and 52 kilometers from the capital of Malaga province.

1. Hermitage of San Sebastián

El Barrio, Cómpeta, Spain

It is located in the oldest part of Cómpeta, specifically in the area known as “El Barrio”. There are data that inform us of its existence at the beginning of the seventeenth century, as there are some historical currents that are inclined to think that perhaps it was the first construction carried out in the town by indications of Queen Isabel the Catholic in 1505. As it was usual to build on the remains of the old mosque that already existed. He currently chairs the image of San Sebastián, Patron of Competa.

2. Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption

Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption, Cómpeta, Spain

It is the most emblematic construction of Cómpeta. It was built in 1505 at the special wish of the Catholic Monarchs. The Church is known as the “Cathedral of the Axarquia.” Its structure is divided into three ships separated by arcane arches, which rest on square pillars. The ships are crowned with a cruise and rectangular presbytery. In the lateral ships, a series of altars are exposed: the one of the Virgin of the Carmen and Sacred Heart, the oldest and of baroque style; that of Calvary and that of Christ of the Column.

3. Paseo de las Tradiciones

Paseo de las Tradiciones, Cómpeta, Spain

It is located next to the Church, in what was once the old municipal market. It was inaugurated in 2009 and is intended to provide information on the customs and popular traditions of Cómpeta. During your tour, you can enjoy mosaics that represent traditional trades and others dedicated to brief reviews of the history of the town.

Museum of Popular Art and Customs, Cómpeta, Spain

It is located in the former Barracks of the Civil Guard of Competa and aims to preserve the popular traditions of the town. Its facilities are distributed in a 19th-century building. During the visit you can enjoy elements and utensils typical of the Axarquia, there is a special section to the culture of the famous Moscatel Wine. There are also special collections of agricultural activities with farm tools, tools, cattle and other economic activities from pig slaughter, bakery, blacksmithing, etc.

5. Museo Molino de Adriano

Museo Molino de Adriano, Cómpeta, Spain

As its name indicates, it is a museum that is located in an old oil mill. During the visit, you can enjoy the elements and utensils of the mill, as well as other collections of agricultural tools. Especially noteworthy as the centerpiece of the museum is the mill wheel of the nineteenth century that was used for winemaking. There is also a section dedicated to local crafts and in the store, you can buy the famous wines from Cómpeta, oils from the Axarquía region and other products from the area.