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Top things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the ultimate vacation!

Ho Chi Minh is an ancient city of Vietnam that offers a wide array of experiences for the tourists. Here are some you can’t miss!

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Ho Chi Minh is an ancient city of Vietnam that offers so many things for the tourists and this is the primary reason why this city has become so popular. Here are some of the top things you can’t miss out on!

1. Riverboat tours

What a typical riverboat tour looks like

The charms of river tours are not lost on anyone. With the waves gently lapping around you and a cold beverage in hand whilst the gentle breeze brushes against your skin, how can you not enjoy that? So, when in Ho Chi Minh this experience is a must for you. The views, from skyscrapers to lush forests all unfold, on this brilliant tour.

2. Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

Even if you are cruising through the city for a day, you have to make sure to visit the cathedral. The elegant structure was constructed back in the 19 century and materials for this cathedral were imported from countries like France. The architecture of the cathedral is absolutely magnificent and is located at a prime location where all other tourist attractions in this list are a walking distance away. If you are looking for accommodation in this part of town, you can go for a luxury apartment in Ho Chi Minh the likes of Somerset D1Mension Ho Chi Minh City, which is only a few minutes’ drive away from the Cathedral.

3. Independence Palace

Independence Palace

The third on this list is the Independence Palace which is also referred to as the Reunification Palace and is a must-visit for the history buffs. This site is famous and well known for the images of rustic thanks that crashed through this gate during the Fall of Saigon back in the year 1975. The impressive architectural feat and the well-manicured grounds surrounding it make this please one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city.

4. Dining alongside the Saigon River

A riverside restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

Another experience that tourists absolutely love is the dining experience along the Saigon River. Vietnamese cuisine is well known all across the world and where best to experience it with a view than in Ho Chi Minh itself? There are some excellent choices alongside this river, see what your appetite is like for the day and head to one of the restaurants that specialize in that cuisine.

5. Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Another exciting thing to do out here is checking out this walking street; a well-known place for dates and an entertaining social life. Having said that, you will also see families come out here to have quality time together. This place is best explored after dusk when hundreds of people come out to enjoy the cool breeze and have an entertaining nightlife.

6. Motorbike tours

Motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh City

How about an exciting way to explore this ancient city? If you’re up for it, you can always take a motorbike tour to explore the most remote part of this city. This mega city cannot be explored via public transport and taxis. These types of transport cannot take you into the alleyways and laneways where you can discover the Vietnamese lifestyle.