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Things to do in Daylesford, Australia

Daylesford is a city at the foot of the Great Dividing Area of ​​Victoria, Australia. It is known for its natural springs.

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Daylesford is a city at the foot of the Great Dividing Area of ​​Victoria, Australia. It is known for its natural springs. The leafy Wombat Hill Botanical Garden is on top of an extinct volcano. In its place, a 19th-century mansion houses the Convent Gallery. Daylesford Spa Country Railway wind through farmland and forests. Within walking distance, the Wombat State Forest houses rare species of wildlife such as squash.

1. Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens

Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, Daylesford, Australia

The Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia are included on the Victorian Heritage Register.

2. Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve

Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve, Daylesford, Australia

The Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve is a 30-hectare reserve near Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia. It contains several mineral springs that have been used for drinking and bathing since the 1860s. The site is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and forms part of Hepburn Regional Park.

3. Lake Daylesford

Lake Daylesford, Daylesford, Australia

Take a walk around picturesque Lake Daylesford and take in the sights and sounds of nature. A short stroll from the town center, Lake Daylesford offers something to keep everyone happy. Children love bird spotting and the playground is always a hit. Why not hire a paddle boat for an hour or two or spend the day and utilise the BBQ facilities.

4. Mount Franklin

Mount Franklin, Daylesford, Australia

Mount Franklin is an extinct volcano about 10 km north of Daylesford and 4.6 km southeast of Franklinford in Victoria, Australia. A road spirals around the outside slopes covered with pine trees, into a flat 50-acre caldera, now used as a camping ground, and onto the rim which hosts a fire lookout, parking area, and picnic ground. Being a prominent local landmark within Hepburn Shire, the mountain is included within the boundaries of the Mount Franklin Reserve managed by Parks Victoria.

5. Daylesford Spa Country Railway

Daylesford Spa Country Railway, Daylesford, Australia

The Daylesford Spa Country Railway is a volunteer-operated 1,600 mm gauge tourist railway located in Victoria, Australia. It operates on a section of the closed and dismantled Daylesford line, and currently runs services between Daylesford and the hamlet of Bullarto.