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Riposto, Italy – The top things to do

This magnificent seaside town is on the Ionian coast of Italy, in the imposing shadow of the active volcano of Etna.

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This magnificent seaside town is on the Ionian coast in the shadow of the mountain Etna. It was the site of one of the first public schools in Sicily as well as the Maritime Institute, founded by King Ferdinand I. The name of the city is believed to derive from the Italian word “ripostiglio” – meaning storage – because of the warehouses that hold it. wine and other peripheral products waiting to be loaded onto ships. Its location was so important that it once housed the consulate offices of Sweden, Romania, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Norway, Greece, and France.

1. RADICEPURA – Horticultural Park

RADICEPURA – Horticultural Park

Flashy botanical garden, park & event venue with 3,000 species, water features & a seed bank.

2. Museum Kentie Park

Museum Kentie Park

The Park is located on an ancient nursery of Palm trees located in the Centre of Riposto and constitutes a unique example of its kind; This is a botanical garden which covers an area of 9000 M2 and accommodates over 100 plant specimens that date back to early 1900s.

3. Castello degli Schiavi

Castello degli Schiavi

The intriguing and timeless beauty of Castello degli Schiavi is such a perfect setting that it has been featured in films. Most famously, it was used for the wedding scene of Michael Corleone in The Godfather, but also for scenes in Godfather II. The entrance is an arched grand portal. The villa and courtyard still show off the rural Sicilian Baroque style from the 1700s when the castle was constructed. It is now a popular place for weddings and events.

4. Adventure Etna Park

Adventure Etna Park

It has a series of trails in the trees, placed at different heights from the ground and differentiated by increasing difficulty and physical effort. The courses consist of a series of platforms interspersed with Tibetan bridges Chinese bridges, vines, walkways of various kinds and Tyrolean traverses; this enables everyone, young and old, to test their courage and their skills in complete safety. Before going along the routes, the specialized staff provides and makes users wear individual safety devices: harness, helmet, lanyards, carabiners, and pulleys.

5. Palazzo Bonaventura

Palazzo Bonaventura

The Palazzo Bonaventura is an edifice of Urbino, centrally located at the local university. As a travesty of all the colleges of Poggio, the only reason for this is centrally located. The main facial features are provided via Aurelio Saffi, with a chic view of the interior of the palazzo, as well as a dance floor, via Ferdinando Salvalai, in the detached del Pincio area.