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5 things to do when in beautiful Platamonas, Greece

Platamonas is a town and seaside resort in Central Macedonia, Greece. It is known for its stunning castle view and its lovely, sandy beach.

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Platamonas is a town and seaside resort in south Pieria, Central Macedonia, Greece. It is part of the Municipal unit of East Olympos of the Dio-Olympos municipality, Platamon is regarded as one of the most significant tourist destinations in Northern Greece. The town is home to numerous restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, and camping resorts.

1. Visit The Archaeological Museum Of Dion

Archaeological Museum Of Dion

The Archaeological Museum is located in the Pieria regional unit of Central Macedonia. On the ground floor of the museum are a number of important statues, others found in the ancient baths. The ground floor also displays the remains and objects found on the sites of early Christian basilicas and a notable collection of coins. The basement of the museum is devoted to objects excavated which relate a significant amount of information about the daily life of the people of ancient Dion. Outside the walls, the excavation unearthed the sanctuary of Olympian Zeus, the sanctuary of Isis and the sanctuary of Demeter among others.

2. Taste Local Wines

Vineyard near Platamonas

If you are a wine lover, then this is your spot. With a number of different wineries in the area, you can arrange a wine tour and taste delicious wines along with some local delicacies that will make your trip unforgettable.

3. Hiking The Olympus Mountain And the Pierian Mountains

Mt. Olympus

Mountain Olympos is the highest mountain in Greece. What makes it very unique is its close proximity to the sea. There are many routes around the mountain perfect for hiking and many hospitable refuges to spend the night. The terrain varies from thick forests, deep gorges, and rocky peaks. The visitor can see a wide range of flora and fauna along with beautiful landscapes, streams, and waterfalls. Another beautiful location in the region great for hikers and nature lovers is the Pierian mountains. Covered with forests, the visitor can hike the numerous paths and visit the traditional villages.

4. Explore The Traditional Villages Of Pieria And Go Swimming At Platamonas Beach

Platamonas Beach

During your stay in Pieria, you will have the chance to visit some beautiful villages in the area. Also, you should definitely go swimming in Platamonas Beach which is a busy beach with numerous shops, restaurants, accommodations, and cafes as well as a marina for small boats. Platamonas is ideal for those who like to see and be seen.

5. Visit The Local Monasteries

The Agios Dionysios monastery

Visitors that are interested in religious monuments and pilgrimage places, will find some remarkable ones in the area. One of the most remarkable ones is the new monastery of Agios Dionysios located in Skala. This new monastery was moved to its current location after the Germans destroyed the old one in 1943. On-site there is an Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum where one can admire the artifacts that survived the destruction. During the summer months, the monastery has services in Russian as well. The church of Koimiseos Theotokou in the central square of Palaia Skotina village is worth visiting. The church has an impressive wooden roof that dates back from 1862 and was built at the site of an older church.